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Foundational Yoga

If you are new to yoga, returning to the mat or looking to ground your practice, foundational classes build presence with focus on alignment and detail. Understand the importance of alignment and safety within your practice.


Beginner Yoga Flows

For those that have a bit of an understanding of Yoga we learn the fundamentals of flow in this beginner vinyasa series. Also great for experienced practitioners to slow down with a more gentle pace.


Intermediate Yoga Flows

Once you have been through the Yoga essentials nine week program, or you feel confident with your practice to move into more of a flow style, try some of these gentle yoga flows to take it to the next level.


Advanced Yoga Flows

When you’re comfortable with the other two series and have practiced for a while, you might be ready for a challenge. Dive deeper into your practice with these beautiful sequences that will take you to yoga bliss.


Pranayama Breathing Lessons

Revitalise the entire body with pranayama techniques to help correct unhealthy breathing patterns. All while relieving stress, refreshing the mind and encouraging calm and balance.